How does the "free look" feature differ from the "free look" I receive from ECF from ECF directly?

PacerPro "reads" a copy of the free look email that you receive from ECF. We parse it, download all of documents mentioned in the email (unless they were sealed, etc.), and then send you an email with all of the PDFs attached to the email.

Here are some of the advantages:

  • We can process the email from ECF in under 5 minutes, and usually less than 90 seconds. There's no need (for you, your secretary or paralegal) to click on the link in the original ECF email, download each document, one by one, collect them in another email to send to your trial team. On an active case, this can save of lot manual labor time.
  • We store copies of all of these documents on our server, so you never have to pay another download fee to PACER.
  • Your colleagues can also visit PacerPro and get the free-to-download copies, too.
  • PacerPro runs 24 hours a day, so you'll get your documents as soon as they are released by ECF, in a format that can be read on many mobile devices.

Noted legal technology writer Bob Ambrogi wrote a favorable article describing the virtues of our newest feature which you can read here:

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