How can I know when a case has been updated? What does it cost?

You will receive updates emails when changes are recorded in a case that you are following, but PacerPro has to get a fresh copy of the docket report, first. Since PACER fees apply, we can't afford to do it automatically.

We've got some novel technology to acquire the data while saving money, however;

You can schedule automatic updates, on a daily, every other day, weekly or monthly basis, being aware that normal PACER fees will be charged to your account (e.g. if you schedule a daily update, and PACER charges $1.00 for the report, you will be charged $90 per quarterly bill for just this one case). If you need to stay current on a case, and can afford the costs, this reduces the risk that you'll miss something. If there are multiple PacerPro users that are scheduling updates on this one case, we spread the costs evenly among all of those users.

If another user pays for an update (by clicking on the "Sync" button), everyone who is following the case gets an email, free of charge.

For most, but not all courts (i.e., everywhere but SDNY, Arkansas and Nevada) we provide free docket checks; we'll show of the current count of docket entries on file by the court. You can choose to manually sync, yourself. These are provided for free every ten minutes you are on a docket sheet. They are also provided 3x per day from your MyCases tab.

Finally, if an attorney of record is also a PacerPro user, we have technology so they can share their "free look" copy of filings with the rest of the user base. Then everyone gets the fastest updates (usually within minutes of a filing).

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