How can I know when a case has been updated? What does it cost?

There are two ways to receive notifications about changes in a case: PDF2Go and Case Updates.

PDF2Go for your firm's cases

If you have an attorney of record at your firm and you are properly set up for PDF2Go service with the court, you will receive PDF2Go emails notifying you of new filings within about a minute of the court's emailing the corresponding notice of electronic filing. Even if you do not have an attorney of record, you may receive PDF2Go emails if PacerPro happens to have another customer with an attorney of record on that case. 

PDF2Go emails do not incur PACER fees, even if you are not the attorney of record. 

Case Updates for tracking third-party cases

If you do not have an attorney of record, you can schedule Case Updates to be run automatically every day, every other day, weekly, or monthly. Case Updates show you a redline comparing the previous version of the docket with the current version, including any new docket entries. Because we need to pull an updated copy of the docket to run Case Updates, they incur PACER fees of up to $3 each time one is run.

If t multiple PacerPro users (whether within your firm or among all our customers) have scheduled Case Updates for a single case, we spread the costs evenly among all of those users. We will tell you in the Case Update email whether you incurred PACER charges for the update.

We will also send you Case Updates whenever a user clicks "Update Now" on the Smart Docket page. If a user outside your firm updates the docket, you will not incur PACER charges.

We do not offer real-time Case Updates. The Case Update emails do not attach copies of filings. You can access the filings via the Smart Docket, but you may incur PACER fees for doing so if no user is an attorney of record and no user has downloaded the document previously.

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