Distribution List Setup

Distribution lists allow you to manage docket updates and PDF2Go emails for a selected group of people. The members of the list can be people on your case team or outside the firm. It's completely up to you.

Please Note: Docket/Case Updates will incur costs each time you request an update from the court (Daily/Every Other Day/Weekly/Monthly). PDF2Go email notifications will not incur any additional charges.

To create a distribution list, please follow these steps:

  1. Search for your intended case.
  2. Bookmark the case in one of two ways:
    1. If you are on a Search Results page: click the Bookmark icon on the right side of the page
    2. If you are on the case's Smart Docket: click the Bookmark toggle to "On"
  3. Navigate to your My Cases page here: www.pacerpro.com/mycases
  4. Under the case title you want, look for "Distribution List" and hit the Edit link underneath.
  5. If you want to join the list yourself, click Yes.
  6. Add any number of additional users. As we mentioned above, you are able to include people outside your organization or case team and they do NOT need to be an active PacerPro user.

NOTE: alerts can be turned on and off at any time for each user by simply clicking the toggles "On" or "Off".


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