What does Sync mean? What does a docket sheet update mean?

Clicking Sync, Update Now or Scheduling an Update all cause our system to log into Pacer and download the latest copy of the docket sheet (either at the moment you click sync, or update now, or according to the schedule you set). This copy of the docket sheet will then appear on the PacerPro system.

You incur standard Pacer fees for the cost of the docket sheet (not all of the documents, which are not automatically downloaded).

PacerPro docket sheet updates serve 2 purposes:

  • Track 3rd party litigation (ie, cases of interest). Receive updates when there are new entries in cases where there is no attorney of record from your firm involved.
  • Risk management for internal litigation. Overtime, docket clerks may modify docket entries on the PACER docket. Under federal rules of civil procedure, the court is not obligated to notify parties of these changes. Use the PacerPro docket sheet update to track any changed entries.



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