How to set up your pdf2go service

PDF2Go emails are only available if you have set up PDF2Go properly by entering your unique PacerPro email (e.g. as a secondary notification email address into the pertinent court's CM/ECF profile of the attorney of record.

If you are not listed as an attorney of record in the case, the court does not make free looks available to you. You can, however, be added to a distribution list of a PacerPro user who is an attorney of record, and then you will get the electronic notices.

You can learn your PacerPro email by viewing your Profile, here:

  1. Log in to CM/ECF
  2. Click Utilities
  3. Click "Maintain Your E-mail"
  4. Add the PacerPro email into the secondary e-mail address block
  5. Click submit all changes


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