I did not receive a PDF2Go email. What happened?

The PDF2Go functions when an attorney of record instructs the court to email PacerPro a copy of the Notices of Electronic Filing (“NEFs”) in the cases in which the attorney is appearing. When PacerPro receives the NEF, it downloads the case filings from the court’s website and circulates them to your firm’s case teams. 

If you would like us to investigate why you did not receive a PDF2Go, please email us a copy of the NEF you received from the court for that filing.

  • If you have a copy of the NEF, please confirm that your attorney’s name appears and that an email address ending with @ecf.pacerpro.com” appears next to the attorney’s name. If the PacerPro email does not appear, please complete PDF2Go setup for the attorney. If an attorney is receiving NEFs, you will see an envelope icon next to the attorney’s name on the distribution list for the case on the My Cases page.
  • If you do not have a copy of the NEF, it may be because your firm does not have an attorney of record on the case.
    • You might be receiving PDF2Go emails in other cases where your firm does not have an attorney of record. That’s because if you set PDF2Go to “ON”, PacerPro will send you PDF2Go emails whenever they are available (i.e., when another one of our customers is receiving NEFs from the court). However, we cannot guarantee PDF2Go service in cases where you do not have an attorney of record.
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