Setting up a View-Only PACER account to replace an Attorney Filing PACER account

If you received an alert that you are using an attorney filing PACER account, it is because one or more attorneys at your organization have "linked" a view-only PACER account (which was provided to PacerPro) with their personal ECF (filing) accounts. PacerPro cannot use linked attorney PACER credentials because they could allow access to sealed documents in some jurisdictions.

There are several ways to resolve this issue.

Assign the user a view-only PACER account by associating her with an office that has working PACER credentials

  • If your firm has a working PACER account entered with PacerPro, but one or more attorneys receives the error, it may be because the users have their PACER NextGen filing credentials associated with their PacerPro account. You can assign the firm's working PACER credentials to the user by designating her as a member of an Office at -> User and entering the working PACER credentials for the Office at -> Account.

Obtain a new view-only PACER login

  • Create a new PACER account at PACER allows you to link this account to the firm’s PACER administrative account (PAA) to manage billing for more than one PACER login.
  • Enter the new credentials for the Organization and the Office at -> Account (for administrators of Enterprise subscriptions) or on your individual account at (for users with other subscriptions).
  • PACER only allows users to associate one individual account per email address. You do not have to use your own name and information to set up this view-only account - you can use anyone who does not have an existing PACER account or filing credentials with a federal court.

“De-link” the firm's PACER account from the attorneys’ filing accounts.

  • See which attorneys’ ECF credentials have been linked at
  • After consulting with those attorneys, go to to request that the link between the accounts be deactivated.
  • Note that the linking issue may recur if attorneys continue to have access to these PACER credentials, so we advise that you provide PacerPro with PACER credentials for use only with the PacerPro service.
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