PDF2Go setup in courts where your attorneys are admitted pro hac vice


To use the PDF2Go service, attorneys of record enter a unique “@ecf.pacerpro.com” PacerPro email address as a secondary email recipient with each court in which they are admitted. PacerPro will then receive a copy of each notice of electronic filing. In many jurisdictions, all recipients of notices of electronic filing get a “free look” at the document. PacerPro uses that free look to download a copy of the filing from the court’s website. However, some other courts do not provide free looks to email addresses associated with attorneys who are admitted pro hac vice. Consequently, you will need your local counsel’s help to set up the PDF2Go service. 

Here are  the steps you should take for each jurisdiction where your attorney is appearing pro hac vice:

  1. Perform PDF2Go setup as usual for your attorneys in the pro hac vice court. Even if those attorneys do not get a free look in the jurisdiction, PacerPro will be able to use the notice of electronic filing to identify the cases as ones in which your firm has attorneys of record.
  2. Set up a PacerPro email address for local counsel (if they do not have one already).
  • If you have an Enterprise account, a PacerPro account administrator at your firm can create a new user with a name of your choice (e.g., docketing-admin@yourfirmsemaildomain.com). You should check to see if they (or PacerPro) have already done so.
  • If you have a non-Enterprise account, please let us know and we can set up a local counsel PacerPro email address for you. 
  1. Ask local counsel to complete the PDF2Go setup with the court.
  • Local counsel should enter the “@ecf.pacerpro.com” email account as a secondary email recipient.
  • Under “Configuration options,” the attorney should select “No” for the question “Should this e-mail address receive notice for all cases in which this individual is a participant?” The attorney should then select the specific cases for which they are your firm’s local counsel.
  • All other Configuration options should be set to “Yes.”

Note that the list of courts that do not provide the free look to pro hac vice counsel has changed over time. Courts where customers have reported not receiving free looks include D. Del., D. Del. Bankr., D.N.J., and S.D. Fla. If you do not set up local counsel in a pro hac vice jurisdiction, you might not receive PDF2Go service. You also might receive PDF copies of the notices of electronic filing rather than the underlying documents.

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