The NEF lists the attorney's PacerPro email address, but we did not get a PDF2Go email attaching the case filings

These are the most common causes:

  • PDF2Go was set to “OFF”, and not to “ON.” Please log onto to check the distribution list settings for the case on your My Cases page. If you do not have the case on your My Cases list and do not have access to the attorney’s PacerPro account, please contact your firm’s PacerPro account administrator, who can check the distribution list settings for the firm’s cases under the Litigation tab at
  • The email might have been caught by a spam filter. 
  • An attorney is receiving NEFs in a court where she is admitted pro hac vice. Many (but not all) courts limit the “free looks” available to email addresses associated with a pro hac’ed attorney CM/ECF account. 

There are some rarer circumstances that may cause an attorney not to receive a PDF2Go when she did receive a NEF:

  • She indicated on the Utilities -> Manage My Email page of her CM/ECF profile at the court website that she would like to receive NEFs in text rather than HTML format. PDF2Go service requires that we receive NEFs in HTML format.
  • She received a NEF in an appellate case in which she appeared in the district court, but has not yet entered a notice of appearance or made a filing in the Circuit Court.
  • She entered a notice of appearance which the Court has not yet processed or accepted, or has rejected.
  • She is the subject of a motion to substitute counsel but has not yet entered an appearance received a copy of a NEF concerning the motion.

If the information above does not seem to explain the issue you are experiencing, please send a copy of the Notice of Electronic Filing received by the attorney and we will investigate.

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