How to troubleshoot an invalid PACER username or password


If you have a Professional account:

  • Log onto On the upper right corner, click on your name and select “Profile.” Confirm that the PACER username and password are entered correctly there.
  • If the username and password appear to be correctly entered, please attempt to access with them.

If you have an Enterprise account and are an account administrator:

  • Go to -> Users. If the affected user does not have an office assigned, assign her an office.
  • Go to the “Account” tab. Make sure that the office to which the user is assigned has PACER credentials entered. If you need to, add an office on this page. You may use the same PACER credentials for all users and offices at the firm.
  • If the username and password for the user’s office appear to be correctly entered, please attempt to access with them.

 Sometimes individual users or offices may have different PACER credentials assigned to them on PacerPro, which can cause confusion for users and PacerPro account administrators when troubleshooting invalid logins and client codes. For this reason, we recommend that Enterprise account administrators assign all users in each office the same PACER credentials. When a user is assigned to an office, her office’s PACER credentials override any previously entered PACER credentials. However, PACER credentials assigned at the firm level will not override those of a user not assigned to an office.

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